16 Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes - Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods (2023)

16 Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes - Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods (1)

Launched in 2018, few podcasts made more headlines and created more buzz in pop culture in 2020she calls her papa.has an incredibly loyal fan base, sometimes called the "Dad Gang", not just big guests and viral momentsshe calls her papaTop the podcast charts. The podcast, hosted by Alexandra Cooper and formerly The Cooper and Sofia Franklyn Podcast, caused a stir on social media and the tabloids when new episodes suddenly stopped appearing in podcast streams in April 2020. Details soon emerged of contractual disputes, financial disagreements and creative disagreements with part owner and distributor Barstool Sports, which ultimately led to Franklin leaving the show.

16 Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes - Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods (2)

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Cooper and Franklin, two 20-somethings who shared an apartment, are known for their passionate take on sex and dating, New York City life and millennial culture. Although some plotshe calls her papaThe guests are mostly serious talk, filled with inside jokes, references to past episodes, sex tips and dating stories gone wrong. In 2020, it was one of the top 20 most-watched podcasts on Apple Podcasts and number five on Spotify.

In May 2020, after about a month without a new release, a 30-minute episode aired onshe calls her papaThat's where Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy begins to explain Cooper and Franklin's departure. Initially due to disagreements over salary, content ownership and merchandising funding, differing views on the show eventually led to Franklin's departure. Although she later launched her own podcast, Sofia With An F, in October 2020, Cooper seems to have had better results so far and continues to hostshe calls her papaindependently.

she calls her papaExisting in its own universe, especially when Franklin and Cooper are hosting together, it's hard to jump ship midway through the show. From Suitman and Milf Hunter to Gluck Gluck 9000, new listeners will have a lot of terms to look up in Urban Dictionary to fully understand certain references. If you want to give it a go, start with these seven episodes and explain whyshe calls her papaIt's so popular, full of memes and drama.

Episode 81: Dad Talks / Episode 82: The Funeral

These two episodes are the best places to start if you want to really get a feel for the series, which aired in April and May 2020. First, Dave Portnoy stole itshe calls her papaThe feed shared his story, defending Barstool Sports and explaining that he has offered the two hosts new contracts with a base salary of $500,000 each, plus bonuses. He went on to explain that while Cooper agreed to the new terms, Franklin refused. When both hosts then took to their own social media to explain their stories, Cooper returnedshe calls her papaCheers next week with a solo episode.

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In episode 82, Cooper remained relatively cordial and began explaining how the series would move forward. She explained that the two are no longer co-hosts or roommates, and tried to be optimistic about the show's future. Although not a typical seriesshe calls her papaEpisodes, if you missed the 2020 dramas and want to catch up, this is the best place to start. For a complete picture of the situation, you can also watch its first episodeWisdom with F,Franklin chose not to go into as much detail on the matter as Cooper and Portnoy, though for contractual or other reasons.

Επεισόδιο 1: Sext Me So I Know It's Real

the only real way to get inshe calls her papaIt's from the first episode. Nicknames explained, initial questions answered, and more tips and hot tips dropped in 30 minutes than you could handle. Starting over is also a great way to naturally get to know Cooper and Franklin, who detail how they met and their backgrounds in this episode.

the originalshe calls her papaThe format arguably gained such popularity because of Franklin and Cooper's storytelling. The show at its best really feels like it's eavesdropping on a real conversation between two friends, and the first few months of the episode are the best example of this, for a number of reasons.

Episode 3: Gluck Gluck 9000

Every member of the Daddy Gang remembers where they were in October 2018, when Cooper delivered one of his most iconic moments to go down in historyshe calls her papahistory.

There is no doubt that it worksshe calls her papaThe playful details and brilliance of the storytelling are so much fun. This episode established the podcast and created a meme that transcended itshe calls her papafeed, so much so that two years later you'll still see references to the episode on dating app bios and on Instagram. While we won't go into as much detail as she did when she explained the idea to Franklyn, the exaggerated narrative can bring not only a few laughs, but something even into the bedroom.

Episode 92: Miley Cyrus

The biggest guest of all is Miley Cyrus (Call Her Daddy), perhaps the most famous member of the #DADDYGANG, possibly the biggest guest. The casual nature of the show led to a freewheeling interview with the musician and actress, where she shared intimate details about her past relationships as well as her sex life and practices.

In some ways, having Cooper alone to host the episode might have resulted in better interviews, in which Cyrus could have said more and have real conversations. Even though Cooper said that eventually the show will return to two hosts, if not, episodes with more celebrities opening up like this could be a good way to keep interest.

Episode 15: Escape from the Friend Zone

Another memorable early episode took place in late 2018, when things were a little (slightly) less naughty than usual, with hosts trying to decipher the elusive "friend zone" and how to get out of it. It's worth noting that no episode of Call Her Daddy gets a rating below R, but some parts of it are still a bit tame.

Also, aside from this 2020 show, most of the other media attention to Call Her Dad comes from discussions of it as feminist media. If you're more interested in the show from that perspective than just hookup advice, this episode might be a good example of how much more dating advice is given in real life.

Episode 58: Dad Hotline (2)

At its core, Call Her Daddy is supposed to be a sex and dating advice show, so if that's what you're looking for, look no further than the three-episode "Daddy Line." In this series of questions, the host discusses everything from sleeping with the professor, their worst dates, and more.

This episode is filled with stories that are both hilarious and sometimes raunchy, but that's the charm of itShe called her dad.It's definitely not for the faint of heart, and perhaps because this type of show is really for fans, Franklin and Cooper seem more open than usual about their lives.

Επεισόδιο 89: My F**ked Mascot (ft. Hannah Berner)

Since Franklyn left the show, Cooper has brought in several new and returning guests to the show, essentially acting as co-hosts. This episode of comedian and podcaster Hannah Berner has a similar feel to the early daysshe calls her papaShowcase and present a hilarious story that you might start guessing based on the episode title. With Berner and Cooper getting to know each other outside of the series, "Two Friends' Bow" is sure to return on 60 Minutes.

Around this time, the show also started uploading more episode videos to Youtube, which honestly made listening to the show more fun and easier. Other episodes in late 2020 and early 2021, including interviews with Tana Mongeau, Lana Rhodes, Sex With Emily's Emily Morse, and more, have also been video processed, and it looks like most of the 2021 episodes will be released or distributed on Youtube segment releases or full episodes.

whether you are forshe calls her papaFor advice, comedy, drama, or all three, starting out as a new listener can be an overwhelming experience. Our best advice is to start over when the new format starts or start with episode 82. Or, just pick a random episode and start over. You might not get all the references, but you'll definitely learn a thing or two.

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More Episodes from Call Her Daddy

Episode 84: The Third Roommate Talks

If you're looking for more "Call Her Daddy" drama, this episode about a third roommate who lives with Cooper and Franklin is sure to please.

Επεισόδιο 29: Why They Won't Fuck You

The title of this episode says it all.

Episode 103: Tana Mongeau Exposed

Starting in late 2020, another guest guest, model and fan of the internet personality Tana Mongeau, will take part in this interview.

Episode 31: You're Just a Hole

A fan-favorite episode in which Cooper and Franklin discuss their observations and some hot thoughts about men, it might still be the funniest episode yet.

Episode 48: Dad's Hotline

Hotline's original series that tackles staying friends with an ex, sending nude photos, and more.

Episode 17: Daddy Girl Arrested and Perverted Fetish

Before the major crisis, Franklin made headlines in 2019 when he was arrested in Utah for underage drinking. This episode relives that experience and more.

Επεισόδιο 52: College Life - Hot and Not Hot

This is an especially funny and timely episode for anyone still in college or anyone looking to relive a little bit of the glory days of college.

Episode 97: Life of a Porn Star (hosted by Lana Rhoades)

All the questions you've never been asked are answered in this episode. Rhoades was a great guest and she was very candid about her career, trade secrets, etc.

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