Infinity War clip from Marvel's Avengers Infinity War (2023)

Find the best lines from Avengers: Infinity War, including great lines, deep thoughts, Thanos lines, and all the fun dialogue from the film. If you're looking for a list of Infinity War quotes, you'll find them in this collection.

Infinity War clip from Marvel's Avengers Infinity War

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity WarNow in theaters. As you can imagine, there are so many great paths, emotional quotes, and funny moments that you'll want to repeat and use. Well, I already know that. Below you'll find all the best one-liners from Infinity War, as well as some funny dialogue between several Avengers and quotes from Infinity War.

***This article contains many spoilers for Infinity War. Spoiler alert again!

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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos (Josh Brolin). Photo: Film Frame.. © Marvel Studios 2018

Thanos referenced in Infinity War

Thanos: [to Thor and Loki] I know what it's like to lose. Feel so hopeless that you're right and still fail. May I ask what is your purpose? Are you afraid? escape it? Destiny came as promised. And now, it's here. Or should I say, eh?

Saul: You talk too much.

Thanos: [to Loki] Tesseract or your brother's head? I think you have a preference.

Thor: [After Loki showed the Cosmic Cube] You're the worst brother.

Rocky: I promise you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.

Loki: Well, for one thing, I'm not Asgardian. On the other hand, we have the Hulk!

Thor: [to Thanos killing Heimdall] You will die for this.

Thanos: If you think about failure...

Loki: I think about experience, experience.

Loki: [telling Thanos he's dead] You'll never be a god.

Thanos: There is no resurrection this time.


Wong: Attachment to material is detachment from spirit.


Banner: Thanos is coming. coming.

Doctor Strange: Who?


Dr. Strange: [to Tony Stark] Oh, congratulations on your wedding.

Stark: Excuse me, will you have a ticket or something?


Dr. Strange: ... [discussion of Thanos taking all the stones] could destroy life on a hitherto unimaginable scale.

Stark: [to Dr. Strange] Are you serious that you are not dreaming until now?

Doctor Strange: Are you seriously leaning on the cauldron of the universe?

Stark: Oh, that's all?

Stark: [to Doctor Strange after being hit by his cloak] I'll allow it.

Stark: If Thanos needs all six, why don't we put it in the garbage disposal?

Doctor Strange: I can't.

Wong: We swear to protect the Time Stone with our lives.

Stark: I swore off dairy, but then Ben and Jerry named a flavor after me, so…

Doctor Strange: Stark Raving Hazelnut.

Stark: Not bad.

Doctor Strange: Kinda Chalky

Wong: A burning hulk fudge flavor is our favourite.

Banner: What is that?

Stark: Whatever.

Stark: [to Strange] Besides making balloon animals, what exactly is your job?

Doctor Strange: Protect your reality, idiot.

Banner: [after hearing Vision disable his tracker] What, Tony, you lost another super robot?

Stark: Not only that, it's evolving.


Stark: Not that easy. The Avengers disbanded. We toast.

Banner: We broke up, as a band? Like the Beatles?

Banner: Tony, listen to me, Thor is gone. Thanos is here, it doesn't matter who you talk to.


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War..L to R: Doctor Strange/Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. ), Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Wang (Benedict Wang). .Photo by Chuck Zlotnick.. © Marvel Studios 2018

Flower Maw: Listen to me, rejoice. You are about to die at the hands of the son of Thanos. Thank you for the meaningless life that now helps to balance...  

Stark: Sorry. Earth is closed today. So pack your bags and get out of here.

The Maw: Stone Guardian, is this chatty animal talking about you?

Dr. Strange: Of course not, I have the final say. And your encroachment on this city and this planet.

Stark: That means Squidward go!

Stark: [to Banner] Do you want a piece?

Banner: No, not really, but when will I get what I want?

Stark: Exactly. It has been a long time. Nice to have you, man.

Banner: [trying to make the Hulk appear] I need to concentrate for a second.

Stark: Where's your guy?

Banner: I don't know, we got something.

Stark: We don't have time for anything. That's one thing.

Stark: [to Banner after Hulk doesn't show up] Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizard. extract.


Banner: Tony, are you okay? How are we doing, good and bad?

Tony: Very good. Are you going to help?

Banner: I'm trying, but it doesn't work.

Banner: [to Hulk] Come on Hulk, what are you doing? Come on, come on (while slapping himself).

Hulk: No!

Banner: What do you mean by no?


Spider-Man: Hey man, what's wrong with Mr. Stark?

Stark: Where are you from, boy?

Spider-Man: Field Trip.

Spider-Man: So, what's the man's problem, Mr. Stark?

Stark: From space. He's here to steal the wizard's necklace.

Stark: Son, this is a wizard, come on.

Spider-Man: Go!


Stark: King, you were my guest at the wedding.


Spider-Man: [Upgrades his suit] Mister Stark, it smells like a new car in here.

Stark: Good way, my boy. On Friday, send him home.

Spider-Man: Oh come on!


Spider-Man: I should have stayed on the bus.


Quill: Okay, guards, remember, this can be dangerous, so let's put our ugly faces on.

Quill: Groot put that thing down now. I don't want to tell you anymore. Groot.

Groot: [in a sarcastic, arrogant tone] I'm Groot.

Everyone - ouch. language.

Quill: You've got some acorns on you, kid.

Rocket: Ever since you drank the juice, you've been a total jerk. Hold on any longer and I'll tear it to shreds.

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Quill: I can't believe this guy's still alive. [referring to Thor]

Drax: He's not a playboy. You are a playboy. This is... this is a man. A handsome muscular man.

Quill: What? !

Rocket: [to Quill] Who are you kidding, you're just a sandwich away from fat.

Quill: Gamora, you think I'm...

Drax: It's like a pirate and an angel had a baby.

Quill: What? OK I will take Bowflex. I will promise. I'm going to get some dumbbells.

Gamora: It's like his muscles are made of kryptonite fibers.

Quill: Stop massaging his muscles.


Gamora on Thanos: Ever since I knew Thanos, he had only one goal: to bring balance to the universe by wiping out half of all life. He used to kill planet after planet, massacre after massacre. If he gets all six Infinity Stones... he'll snap his fingers and that's it.


Avengers: Infinity War.. Left to Right: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Star-Lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) των Marvel Studios, b/g Drax (Dave Bautista) ..Φωτογραφία: Screenshot from the film..© Marvel Studios 2018

Thor: Your father killed my brother.

Quayle: Technically, a stepfather. He hates him as much as you do.

Thor: Families can be tough. Before he died, my father told me that I had a half-sister who was imprisoned in hell by him. Then he came home and stabbed me in the eye. So I had to kill her. I feel your pain.

Quill: I feel your pain too. I know it's not a game, but I've been through a lot. My father killed my mother. Then I was forced to kill my father. It's hard. Maybe harder than killing my sister. At least my eyes are out.


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War.. From left to right: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel). Photo: Film Frame.. © Marvel Studios 2018

Thor: How do you open this thing? Maybe it's a 4 digit code? date of birth?

Rocket: what are you doing?

Thor: Get your pod.

Quill: [changing his voice to match Thor's] No, you're not. Sir, you will not take our pod today.

Rocket: Hey Quill, make your voice deeper?

Quill: No.

Drax: You are. imitate the gods. It's weird.

Quill: No, I'm not.

Fortune teller: He just did it again.

Quill: That's my voice.

Thor: Are you kidding me?

Quill: Are you kidding me?


Mr. Secretary: You are very nervous.

Black Widow/Natasha: You can eat some now.

MR. SECRETARY: The world is on fire and you think everything is forgiven?

Captain America: I'm not asking for forgiveness. And I haven't asked permission yet.

Captain America: Earth just lost its greatest defender. So we are here to fight. If you block the way, we will fight you too.


Bruce: I think you look great. Yes, I'm back.

Natasha/Black Widow: Hi Bruce.

Banner: Evening.

Falcon: It's embarrassing.

Banner: Are there Ant-Man and Spider-Man?


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War.. Left to Right: Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Liz Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany).. Φωτογραφία: Screenshot from the film.. © Marvel Studios 2018

Vision: Tell me about your feelings?

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: You are the only thing I feel.


Vision: What if I miss all the trains?

Vision: We all make commitments, but not to each other.


Iron Man/Stark: [referring to Strange's cloak] Wow, you're a very loyal cloak.


Spider-Man: [to Stark] If nothing else, it's all your fault that I'm here.

Stark: What did you just say?

Spider-Man: I take it back.


Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War…Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland)…Photo: Film Frame… © Marvel Studios 2018

Spider-Man: You can't be Spider-Man with friendly neighbors without neighbors.

Well, that doesn't make sense, but you know what I'm trying to say.


Stark: What are your plans?

Spider-Man: Have you seen that very old movie, Aliens?


Stark/Ironman: [To Maw, referring to Dr. Weird] I have to tell you, he's not really my friend. It was a professional courtesy to save his life.

Maw: You saved nothing. Your strength is insignificant compared to mine.

Stark: Yeah, but the kid watches too many movies.


Stark: Who just saved your magic? mine.

Doctor Strange: I really don't know how you got that head in the helmet.

Stark: Admit it, you should have run when I told you.

Weird: Unlike everyone else in your life, I don't work for you.

Stark: Because of that, we're in a flying donut right now, billions of miles from Earth, without any support.

Spider-Man: I'm backup.

Stark: No, you're still far away. adults speak.

Weird: Sorry. I'm confused about the relationship here. What is this, your ward?

No, by the way, I'm Peter.

Doctor Strange.

Oh, and we use names we make up. Then I'm Spider-Man


Thor: [Flashback to young Gamora] Look. Pretty, isn't it? Perfectly balanced, everything should be. Too much on one side...then the try.


Quill: Gamora, do you know if those grenades are your garbage or gas? Because I want to hang a pair on my belt...

Gamora: Should I ask for help?

Quill: Yes, of course.

Gamora: Either way, the road we're on leads to Thanos.

Quill: What's the use of the grenade?

Gamora: If something goes wrong, if Thanos catches me, I want you to promise to kill me.

Quill: Why does someone always have to die in this situation?


Thanos: Reality often disappoints. That is, it is. Now, reality can be whatever I want it to be.

Gamora: You knew I'd come.

Thanos: I figured it out. There's something we need to discuss, little one.


Quill: Let her go, Grimace.

Quill: I told you to go right.

Gamora: Now.

Quill: You let her go.

Thanos: Ah, boy.

Quill: I prefer to think of myself as a long-term titan slaying summon, let her go. Or I'll blow that jaw nut off your face.

Gamora: [to Quill] Not him. You promised.

Thanos: Oh daughter, you expect too much from him.

Thanos: Someone asked, didn't they? do it. do it!

Quill: I told you to go right.

Gamora: [to Quill] I love you more than you know.

Quill: I love you too.

Thanos: I like you.


Gamora: I hate this chair.

Thanos: So they told me. Even so, I hope you can sit in it one day.

Gamora: I hate this room. the ship. I hate my life.

Thanos: You told me that too. every day. Almost 20 years.

Gamora: I was a kid when you took me.

Thanos: I saved you.

Gamora: No, no, we're happy on my planet.

Thanos: I go to bed hungry. Look for scraps. Your planet is on the brink of collapse. I'm the one stopping it. Do you know what has happened since then? The child born knows nothing but bullying and a clear sky. It's a paradise.

Gamora: Because you murdered half the planet.

Thanos: A small price to pay for salvation.

Gamora: You're crazy.

Thanos: Small, it's a simple calculation. The resources of this universe are finite, finite...if left unchecked, life will cease to exist. Needs to be corrected.

Gamora: You don't know!

Thanos: I'm the only one who knows. At least I'm the only one willing to do it. For a while, you had the same will. When you fight by my side, daughter.

Gamora: I'm not your daughter. Everything I hate about myself, you taught me.

Thanos: And by doing that, he made you the fiercest woman in the galaxy.


Rocket: [to Thor] Are you talking about Groot?

Thor: Yes, they taught it in Asgard. This is an elective course.


Rockets: Okay, it's time to be the captain. So dead bro, huh? Yes, this can be annoying.

Thor: Well, he died before. But this time, I think it might be true.

Rocket: You said you hate your sister and your father?

Thor: They're all dead.

Rocket: But do you still have a mother?

Thor: Killed by the Dark Elves.

Rocket: Best friend?

Thor: Pierce the heart.

Rocket: Are you sure you're up to the task?

Thor: Of course! Anger, revenge, rage, loss are great motivators to clear your mind. So I'm ready.

Rocket: Yes, but the Thanos you mentioned, he is the strongest.

Thor: Well, he never got into a fight with me.

Rockets: Yes, indeed.

Well, he never hit me twice. I'm going to buy a new hammer, don't forget.

preferably a hammer

Thor: You know I'm 1500 years old. I have killed twice as many enemies as he. Each of them would rather kill me than fail. I live only because fate wants me to live. Thanos is just the latest in a long line of bas___ and he will be the last to feel my vengeance. Fate wants it.

Rocket: What if you're wrong?

Thor: Well, what do I have to lose if I'm wrong?

Rockets: I may have a lot to lose. Me personally; I could have a lot to lose.


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War..Thor (Chris Hemsworth)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

Thor gets a new perspective in Infinity War

Missile: Well, if you're destined to kill this wreck, you're going to need more than one stupid light bulb.

Thor: What's that?

Rocket: what does it look like?

Rocket: Some bastards lost a bet with me in Cotraccia(sp).

Thor: Did he show you?

Rockets: No, he gave me 100 points. Later that night, I sneaked into his room and stole his eyes.

Thor: Thank you, sweet bunny.

Rocket: Oh, I'll wash it. The only way I can sneak it out of Cotraccia (sp) is to pick it up... Hey, here we are.

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Rocket: I wish these dwarves were better forgers than scavengers. Maybe they'll realize they're living in a mid-space junkyard.


Thor: Does he have a name?

Poison: Stormbreaker.

Rocket: Well, that's pretty much it.


〇 Thanos and the Soul Gem

Red Skull: You should know that its price is miserable (referring to the soul stone).

Thanos: I'm ready.

Red Skull: That's what we all thought at first. We all make mistakes.

Red Skull: What you're looking for is here. Just like you're afraid of.

Gamora: What is this?

Red Skull: Price. Souls hold a special place in the Infinity Stones. You will say, this is a kind of wisdom.

Thanos: Tell me what you need.

Red Skull: Make sure those who possess it understand its power. Stone requires sacrifice.

Thanos: From what?

Red Skull: To get the stone, you must lose what you love. Stone requires sacrifice.

Gamora: All my life I've dreamed of a day, a moment, when you'll get what you deserve. And I'm always so disappointed. But now, you kill, torture and call it mercy. The universe has judged you. You asked for it as a prize and it declined. you failed. Do you want to know why? Because you love nothing. nobody. Really, tears?

Red Skull: Not for him.

Gamora: No, that's not love!

Thanos: I used to ignore fate. I can't do this anymore. even to you.

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Thanos. I'm sorry, little.


Where, who, why Gamora 线

Quill: This time I ask you, where is Gamora?

Iron Man/Stark: I will do better for you, who is Gamora?

Drax: I'll give you a better one, why Gamora?


Iron Man/Stark: Let's get started. You shoot my man and I'll blow him up.

Drax: Go ahead, Quill, I can handle it.

Mantis: No, he can't stand it.

Dr. Strange: He's right. cannot.


Dr. Strange: [to Quill] Well, let me ask you once. Which Master do you serve?

Quill: Which master do I serve? What can I say, Jesus?

Quayle: I'm from Missouri.

Iron Man/Stark: Yes, this is on Earth, diving….


Avengers Marvel Studios: Infinity War.. From left to right: Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Drax (Dave Pack Teesta), Star-Lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) και Mantis (Pom Klementieff)..Φωτογραφία: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

Quill: Wait, who are you?

Spider-Man: We're the Avengers, man.

Mantis: You are the ones Thor told us about.

Iron Man/Stark: Do you know Thor?

Quill: Yeah, tall, not that handsome, needs savings.


Spider-Man: What the hell are they doing (referring to the Guardians)?

Fortune teller: play with names and get ___.


Iron Man/Stark: [to the guard] We have to be colleagues. 'Cause if we come out with just arrogance

Quill: Dude, don't call us lucky. We don't know what that means. We are more optimistic, yes. I love your designs. Except, it sucks. So let me paint it so it's going to be really nice.

Drax: Tell him the dance to save the universe.

Stark: What dance?

Quill: That's not a problem.

Spider-Man: Like Footloose in the movie?

Quill: Like Footloose. Is it still the best movie of all time?

Spider-Man: Never.

Stark: Don't encourage Flash Gordon.

Quill: Flash Gordon? It's a compliment. Don't forget, I'm half human. So 50% of me is stupid and 100% of you.


Dr Strange: I was ahead in time and saw the alternative futures contract. See all possible outcomes of an impending conflict.

How much do you see?

Doctor Strange: 14.000.605.

How much did we win?

Doctor Strange: 1.


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War.. Black Panther/T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman), in b/g M'Baku (Winston Duke), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).. Photo : Movie Box.. © Marvel Studios 2018

Okoye: [to T'Challa] It's not what I imagined when you said you were going to open up Wakanda to the rest of the world.

T'Challa: What do you think?

Okoye: The Olympics. Even Starbucks!


T'Challa: {Ready to fight} Evacuate the city! Activate all defenses! Get that guy a shield (points to Captain America).


Eitri: That's suicide {referring to Thor opening the furnace}

The same goes for Thor: Thanos without that axe.


Black Panther: Ibambe!

Wakanda Warriors: Hang in there!


Avengers: Infinity War..L to R: Marvel Studios' M'Baku (Winston Duke), Okoye (Danai Gurira), Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris · Evans).. Photo: Movie Frame.. © Marvel Studios 2018

M'Baku: This will be the end of Wakanda.

Okoye: Then it would be the most noble ending in history.

Black Panther: Vakanta Forever!

Wakanda Warriors: Wakanda Forever!

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Excerpt from Eitri, Thor

Eitri: Do you understand, boy, you got a star? will kill you.

Thor: Only I die.

Eitri: Yes, that means killing you.


Black Panther: Shuri, how many more do you need?

Suri: Dude, I'm just getting started.

Panther: You might want to pick up the pace.


Banner: (laughs) You guys are so confused now! (Referring to Thanos' children after Thor arrives with his new axe).

Thor: Bring me Thanos!


Best Thanos Quotes

Doctor Strange: He brings you face to face with a master of the mystical arts.

Thanos: What do you think it brought you?

Doctor Strange: Let me guess? your house?

Thanos: Yes. it is very beautiful. Titan, like most planets, is 20 miles away, not enough to go around it. As we face extinction, I offer a solution.

Doctor Strange: Genocide?

Thanos: Random. This is fair to rich and poor alike. They say I'm crazy. And what I expected has become the past.

Dr. Strange: Congratulations, you're a prophet.

Thanos: I am a survivor.

Doctor Strange: Who Wants to Kill Trillions.

Thanos: If there are six stones, I can break my fingers. Everything will cease to exist. This is what I call mercy.

Doctor Strange: And then?

Thanos: I can finally rest. And watch the cosmic sunrise with gratitude.The hardest choices require the strongest will.


Nebula: You should kill me (to Thanos).

Thanos: That's such a waste!


Spider-Man: Found you. I got you. Sorry, I can't remember anyone's name. {Referring to the rest of the Avengers, he swoops in to save them from their doom at the hands of Thanos}.


Thanos: [To Dr. Strange] Wizard, you have too many tricks. You never wield your most powerful weapon.


Stark: [to Sano] If you throw another moon at me, I'll lose it!

Thanos: Stark.

Stark: You know me.

Thanos: Yes. You are not the only one cursed with knowledge.


Thanos: [to Stark] I respect you, Stark. When I'm done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.


Thor: [to Steve/Captain America] Oh, by the way, that's a friend of mine. Tree.

big. I am big!

Captain America: I'm Steve Rogers.


The Rockets' obsession with body parts

Rocket: [to Bucky] How much is this gun?

Bucky: It's not for sale.

Rocket: How much is this hand? (Bucky looks at him.)

Rocket: Oh, I'll hold that hand!


Okoyeo: [to Black Widow, referring to Scarlet Witch] Why is she always on it?


Banner and the Hulk's relationship

Banner: Hulk, it's the last second. Come.

Hulk: No!

Banner: Come on, you are big and green _____. Well, I'll do it myself!


The relationship between Vision and Wanda

Vision: [to Wanda/Scarlet Witch] It wasn't supposed to be you, but it was. It's okay, you can't hurt me. I just feel you.


Captain America: [to Vision] I think I told you to go.

Vision: We don't trade lives for lives, Captain.


Thanos: [to Wanda/Scarlet Witch] I know my children better than anyone.

Wanda: You can never...

Thanos: Today I lost more than you know. But now is not the time to mourn. Now is not the time at all.


Thor: I told you, you died for it!

Thanos: You should go find that head. (shakes wrist)


how much did it cost

Thanos: [to young Gamora] Daughter.

Gamora: You did it?

Thanos: Yes.

Gamora: How much did it cost?

Thanos: Everything!


infinity war spiderman death scene

Spider-Man: Mr. Stark, I don't feel well.

Stark: You're fine.

Spider-Man: I don't know what's going on.. I don't want to go.. please.. I don't want to go. (as it subsides)

Spider-Man: Mr. Stark, I'm sorry.

As sad and shocked as we are by Spider-Man's passing, we know it's not over yet. I mean, there's a new Spider-Man movie coming out in 2019!


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